Video Release

Joe George and the Commitment to Collaborate

Joe Shadid, also known as Joe George, is embarking on a journey where he will release one song every month of this year. It will involve Chicago musicians, videographers, visual artists, producers, and sound engineers, fusing many voices, visions, and ideals. In a world where divisiveness is omnipresent, bringing people together is a wonderful resolution moving into 2018.

His first release of the year dropped on January 12 with a video performance of Don’t Be Afraid of Yourself. This nostalgic folk tune was inspired by a dream where Joe stumbled upon a younger version of himself where he offered humble advice, “time has gone by in a hurry, I worry of some things to come, life has a way of weighin’ down, enough to make you think it’s all on you—don’t be afraid of yourself.” The liberation to be yourself is what Joe is chasing in his project as he continues to define himself as a pillar of the Chicago songwriting scene.

Joe George’s sound evokes a young Sufjan Stevens combined with a Jeff Tweedy twang and an Arcade Fire twinge. The song is beautifully arranged and the string parts showcase his film composition degree from Berklee. This is accompanied by unique harmonic movement placed in just the right moments. He sneaks in a beautiful minor-major chord in the middle of the chorus, which adds a flavor of contemplation that makes the words don’t be afraid of yourself really hit home.

Check out the video here!

Joe George on vocals and guitar | Jake Hawrylak on bass | Paul Grill on drums | Josh Lava on Wurlitzer | Ian Maskin on cello | Andreanna Moravec on viola | Inger Carle on violin |Tom Yang on violin | Rick Fritz and Brok Mende of Audiotree fame on sound engineering, mixing, and mastering | Jim O’Connel on film and direction |

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Help me build a community with Joe where we can all collaborate to build a more connected world. The future is bright and full of Joe George releases. Be on the lookout for the next one in February! You can find that release on any social platform of Joe’s and here on my blog.