Song Review: Taking Shape

Joe George’s third installation of his year-long video release project is an excellent traveling companion. Reminiscent of a drive down Chicago’s Lake Shore drenched in sunlight, the ostinato pattern in three gives this song an uncertainty that compliments the question posed at the beginning of the song: “have you ever found something you lost?”

The texture shifts slowly as it evolves around Joe’s mantra: ‘taking shape of you.’ This phrase turns into a dedication to movement, evoking new horizons on blank canvases. This mantra nods to the constancy of self despite unpredictable turns that change us. The song reminds me that the world is a changing place and I must adjust with it.

The release of ‘Taking Shape’ marks Joe George’s first appearance on Eternal Sound Records label. His self-titled record is going to be released via ESR on October 19th! Help me congratulate Joe by following him on Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram.