3 Hints to Improve Your Spotify Exposure

As Spotify continues to climb the ranks as one of the giants in the music streaming business, you need to start taking steps to get your music on playlists. The article and podcast discussed here offer tools essential to promoting your music. As someone who is going to school for social media marketing and has been studying ways to help my band Sedgewick gain some traction on the Spotify platform, I have found the following resources to be eye-opening.

Chris Robley, a blogger from CD Baby, gives you ten simple steps to cultivate your Spotify presence. It aptly compares Spotify to a social network rather than a music streaming service. This streaming platform gives you more than a direct line to your listeners—it now offers analytics and gives you a monetized way of sharing your music. Spotify is changing the way daily listeners consume music in addition to offering amazing free services to artists.

In this podcast Kevin Breuner and Charles Alexander explore how Spotify playlists are made, who curates them, and how to strategically solicit curators with. There are three levels of playlists: editorial (Spotify curated), branded (record label curated) and user (individually curated). It lays out some easy steps to take to get your music heard.

How to improve your Spotify presence:

1. Curate your own Playlist

Be sure to link it to your artist bio page. Include music that has influenced you, but has the same vibe as your own music. Send social shout outs to every song you add. Think Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

2. Find/Follow Playlists

 Find playlists that you love. They need to have your kind of style/taste.

3. Build relationships

Once you’ve found a few curators and playlists that inspire you, start to build a relationship by suggesting songs for their playlist. Be sure to understand the curator’s thought process and musical tastes before suggesting your own music for their playlist.

In doing these three actions you will be taking a step toward being noticed in a world where music is omnipresent. Remember, one small step at a time—success doesn’t happen overnight.